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Summer 2020 Beach Programs starting Monday, June 22ND IN LAKE CHARLES!

About Cajun Elite Sand

Cajun Elite Volleyball Club is proud to offer the FIRST premier sand volleyball program for junior volleyball players in the Acadiana area.  Beach volleyball for junior girls is exploding into popularity due to the Olympics and the new scholarships being offered at top universities across the country.  As an NCAA emerging sport, there will be more than 90 colleges/universities participating in sand volleyball during the 2020 season.  Because of its popularity, sand volleyball officially became an NCAA sport in 2016.  


Cajun Elite Volleyball believes that beach volleyball is an amazing tool for developing all aspects of an athlete's game. Cajun Elite Sand is entering into our FIFTH year as a Junior Beach Club in Louisiana.  Our program will further enhance the development of any athlete.  ALL players from ALL indoor clubs are welcome to participate in our program.


Terry Hebert, head volleyball coach at Teurlings Catholic and lifelong beach volleyball player, will again serve as our Sand Program Coordinator.  With Terry at the helm of our Junior Beach Club, Cajun Elite Sand Volleyball Club will propel its beach volleyball members to the forefront of the beach game, not only in Louisiana, but in the Southern Gulf Coast Region.  Cajun Elite Volleyball and Terry Hebert are devoted to the development of the beach game in the Bayou Volleyball Region. 


Like our indoor teams, our goal for our sand program is to offer all of our athletes a great experience with SUPERIOR training. For numerous years, athletes have used the sport as a way to keep in touch with volleyball during the summer and to develop their all-around game.  Yet, the indoor and beach games require many different skills and strategies, and in order to succeed in the beach game, athletes have to seek specialized training from experienced and qualified beach coaches.  


 As we do with our indoor program, we have a master training plan for all of our athletes.  And we have developed a step by step approach to improve our athletes in all areas necessary to succeed in the sport.  We have a qualified coaching staff, great resources, and a vast network with the top coaches and beach athletes in the US.  Come train with the best.  Hope to see you on the beach!