2020 Lafayette Sand Programs

2020 Season is Canceled 

We look forward to seeing you all in 2021!

We hope you have a GREAT high school season in 2020!

Additional Information

Who can Join?: Our sand programs are available to ANY and ALL athletes who want to participate.  You must have an indoor club membership to join.  It DOES NOT matter what indoor club you belong to.  If you do not have an indoor club membership, you will have to purchase an OUTDOOR membership from Bayou Regional Volleyball Association [BRVA].  Please visit www.bayouvolleyball.com to register.  The cost of this membership is $15.00 for the entire outdoor season.




Practices: This year all participants will get to choose their location.  Tuesdays we will practice at Volleybeach or at King's Court [4814 Woodlawn Drive, Milton, LA].  

Tournaments: Tournaments dues are not included in the program price.  Since summer schedules need to be flexible weekend tournaments are up to the discretion of the team playing. You can pick and choose which events you and your partner want to play in.


Coaching at Tournaments:  Coaches will be provided at selected tournaments.  Players will be coached on all aspects of the game at practice sessions with an emphasis on tactics and strategies involved in beach volleyball.  Players will be responsible for coaching themselves through matches.  However, we will provide on-site coaching for the Elite program at least 2 outdoor tournaments on the Elite tournament schedule.   



Partners: Some girls already have a partner they want to play with and other girls do not come to us with a partner. We do our best to match these girls with a partner, but in the end it is your choice who you play with.  



Tryouts: There will be NO tryouts for our sand programs.  Simply, register and pay online.  NO TRYOUTS...SIGN UP ONLINE TO PLAY!  Cajun Elite Sand Volleyball is dedicated to growing the sport of beach volleyball in the region and to providing the opportunity for every player to advance their skills, as well as learn the strategy to the beach game. Sign up online for the Cajun Elite Sand Program by clicking the register now button below. We will accept spots for our sand program based on the number of beach qualified coaches we have, as well as the number of sand courts we have available for us to use.  Spots will be limited.  So we suggest you sign up early to avoid not getting into the program of your choice.  



During the first week of training, we will evaluate all the athletes and split the athletes up into groups with a coach. If you have a partner you want to train with, we will be sure to place both athletes in the same group. If you do not have a partner, we encourage you to pair up with other athletes within your small group.



 If you have signed up for a Cajun Elite Sand Program and have not received an email, check your "junk mail" and put "laurie@cajunelite.net" on your "safe recipient" list.


For more detailed information please visit the FAQs portion of our website. 



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