Playing sand volleyball will greatly enhance your game for the following reasons: 


1. Psychological Improvements:  Playing beach volleyball will improve the psychological aspect of your game.  Participating in doubles matches makes an athlete improve mentally, because there are no substitutions, and no hiding.  Each individual playing sand volleyball has more responsibility than they do in an indoor game, which ultimately makes them more mentally tough.  Sand volleyball also forces athletes to focus on the things that you can control, while ignoring the things you cannot control.  There are many things that sand athletes cannot control, like the heat, the wind, and the sun.  Playing doubles also magnifies an individual's technical weaknesses, which will force athletes to execute that skill under pressure.  All of these aspects will help improve any juniors indoor game.  


2. Technical Skill Improvements: Sand volleyball greatly enhances an athletes' technical skills because doubles forces its participants to become all around players.  Juniors will have to master all technical skills, passing, setting, digging, hitting and blocking, in order to be successful.  Playing doubles also equals increased touches, which ultimately provides an individual with better ball control skills. 


3.  Improvements in Strength and Conditioning:  Playing volleyball in the sand will have dramatic effects on your strength, conditioning, and stamina.  Juniors who participate in beach volleyball will achieve stronger legs and a higher vertical jump, due to the constant moving and jumping in the sand.  With only two players participating on one side of the court,  players must learn how to cover more court area and learn how to read what's occurring on the other side of the court.  This ultimately raises your volleyball IQ and helps you cover more ground when you return to indoor.  Sand volleyball also improves footwork and develops core muscle strength.